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Do you ever feel like you don’t do enough with the photos in your life?


Our Services

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Memories of a lifetime skilfully preserved for generations.

Following the journey of discovery, we bring your family’s treasured archive to life through meticulous preservation, digitisation and curation techniques that guarantee the enduring legacy of your cherished memories. 

Continue to capture and share these beloved memories through our yearly subscription service, private event photography and the production of bespoke handcrafted books.



An in-depth face to face or online meeting is scheduled to establish a direct rapport and develop an intimate understanding of your family history, individual relationships and curation objectives.

Subsequent meetings which may require a home visit or collection of physical items will then allow us to quantify how much material is available and in what formats, so the scope of the project can be agreed.


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We provide photography and videography of your family or private event. With over 30 years of experience, our photographers and videographers have covered many family occasions across the globe from intimate occasions to larger events and even royal weddings.

We pride ourselves in capturing the many elements of your event from the smallest design details to the most intimate moments.

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Our bespoke iOS app

Interact with your family’s most cherished moments, both past and present.


The app allows you to easily upload new images and video that your family capture, which will then be professionally curated by the ami team on an ongoing basis, maintaining the rich quality of amazing and accessible memories.

Our human-led curation process twinned with proprietary technology developed for the app ensures your memories are always searchable both by keyword as well as facial id tags based on your own use of language, such as nicknames and personal relationships, as opposed to mass-driven, generic algorithms. 

The app is a secure and searchable place for family memories in which you can review the content of your current yearbook, order prints and even create your own albums that reflect the special moments in your family history.

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